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Beau Media

With a passion for assisting small businesses, I thrive on simplifying their online presence. Social Media Marketing might sound overwhelming, but fear not—with the right guidance and a strategic game plan, it becomes not just manageable but incredibly rewarding, contributing to your business success.

Content Creation
Service Tiers

We're not just your social media managers; we're your strategic partners, dedicated to amplifying your brand's voice and making your online presence stand out. Let's embark on this journey together! 

Essential Boost

  • 8 static posts a month for a consistent online presence.

  • 1-2 reels/videos a month to showcase your brand dynamically.

  • 8-10 engaging stories a month to captivate your audience.

  • 30 min of  in-app engagement and algorithm boost for heightened visibility.


Dynamic Presence

  • 10-12 static posts a month to solidify your brand identity.

  • 2-4 reels/videos a month for a dynamic visual narrative.

  • 10-14 engaging stories a month to keep your audience hooked.

  • 1 hours of in-app engagement and algorithm boost for heightened visibility.


Premier Impact

  • 12 static posts a month for a robust online presence.

  • 4-6 reels/videos a month for impactful storytelling.

  • 10-14 stories a month to maintain audience engagement.

  • 1.5 hours of in-app engagement and algorithm boost for maximum impact.

Creative Work

Let's Get Started

This meticulous process ensures that every piece of content reflects your brand's essence and goals. 

Step 1

Browse Our Services
  • Choose the package that resonates with your brand goals and business needs.

Step 2

Agreement & Strategy Session
  • Agree on terms and conditions.

  • Sign the contract to solidify our partnership.

  • Dive into a personalized 1:1 strategic marketing plan session.

Step 3

Tailoring Your Presence

Step 4

Monthly Content Approval
& Scheduling
  • Within 1 week of our initial meeting, your first week's deliverables will be crafted.

  • Receive the proposed content for your approval.

  • Collaborate on any necessary edits or adjustments to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your brand indentity

  • Approve the initial content to kickstart the month.

  • Collaboratively refine and enhance content based on your feedback.

  • Schedule out the entire month's content, ensuring it aligns with your broader marketing initiatives and goals.

  • Throughout the month, each piece of content will be presented for your approval, allowing you to have a hands-on approach to what goes out to your audience.

Add Ons

Please Note: We depend on the photos and videos you provide to create unique content. If not provided, we cannot guarantee the production of distinctive content. Your visual assets are the key to ensuring a personalized and authentic representation of your brand.


5 Hour Day Shoot

  • 5 hours spent on location

  • Photo shoot of product or services

  • Videos of product of services

  • All content edited and used for monthly content.

  • Raw content accessible via Google Drive.


8 Hour Day Shoot

  • 8 hours spent on location

  • Photo shoot of product or services

  • Videos of product of services

  • All content edited and used for monthly content.

  • Raw content accessible via google drive.

  • Interviews or guided videos.


Premiere Photo Shoot

Including everything from 8 hour shoot, plus, we take a deep dive into your business needs.

Do you need headshots? Do you need multiply product shoots or location shoots? Can we create a promo video or how to video? 


This includes a 1:1 strategic plan before beginning. More info can be provided if interested

Elevating your Social Media Management experience, we introduce our exclusive Moderator Add-On options tailored to amplify engagement and activity on your accounts.

While our standard management services don't extend to 24/7 online presence, our Dynamic and Premiere packages allocate dedicated time for us to be actively involved within your account.Recognizing that some clients prefer a hands-off approach, we present the Moderator Hours option, designed to ensure your accounts stay vibrant and responsive.

Level 1

Bi weekly checkins to ensure your accounts remain visible, and all client needs are promptly met. We ensure messages are answered, and valuable leads are efficiently forwarded to owners.

Level 2

With this tier, you benefit from weekly  check-ins, actively maintaining visibility and engagement with your followers and clients. We proactively forward leads twice a month, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

Level 3

At the highest level, you receive daily check-ins, guaranteeing optimal account visibility and proactive engagement with your audience. We go above and beyond to ensure your online presence remains dynamic and responsive.

Online Moderator Add On

Monday - Friday 
8 am - 4 pm EST.

Response Times

We respond within 1 business day (unless weekend)

What to Expect

Ready to Work Together?

We are so excited to start working with you!

If all of this information aligns with your expectations of you digital partner, we're ready to get to work when you are! We'll start things off by setting up an initial 30-minute kick-off call to connect & get to know each other. We'll talk through the details of this document and next steps in the process.

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